The Dream

The brewery stems from one man’s dream to open a local brewery similar to the breweries in his home country.

Growing up in Czechoslovakia almost every small town had a local brewery that distributed to the people. After arriving in this country almost two decades ago he discovered that finding a local craft beer made in the same old world tradition and attention to detail was a challenge.

Years later he discovered the art of craft brewing beer and over the course of many years he perfected his recipes and enjoyed sharing with friends.

So many people fell in love with the rich, robust flavors of his Bohemian Pilsner and Bohemian Dark Lager that he felt the time was right to make the dream come true.

Lazy Monk Brewing was born.

The Brewery: Built by Local People

Building the brewery was and is an exciting and challenging experience. Trying to keep the hometown feel and actively supporting local businesses within our community we decided to use local craft man to help build the dream. The brew house was built by a local metalwork shop, the large walk in cooler was built by a local cabinetmaker and all of the refrigeration was well as plumbing, electrical, art work and even our website were completed by small local companies.

A Simple Mission…

Lazy Monk Brewing LLC was created out of a desire to serve local people good quality beers. We specialize in brewing Bohemian Beers and will also have British and American seasonal beers as well as special limited addition holiday beers. We hope that you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy making them for you.

Na Zdravie.

Quality Beer Production

The brewery is capable of producing 500 barrels of beer per year. Just for fun 500 barrels is 15,500 gallons so we will produce 1000 1/2 barrel kegs or 31,000 Growlers!

It is not a large system but instead small enough that we can focus on the quality of the beer not the quantity by careful attention to the small details in the grains, hops and fermentation process that make a truly superior beer.

Packaging: Our beer is available at local bars and restaurants in 1/4 and 1/2 barrel kegs. The beer is also available for purchase at local grocery and liquor stores in 1/2 gallon Growlers (4 pints) which are returnable and very environmentally friendly.