2016-2017 Mug Club JOIN THE MUG CLUB

Lazy Monk Brewing Mug Club Benefits


Renewal mug club membership fee $45
New Mug Club Membership fee $50

Benefits of the Mug Club:
• Our Mug Club Mugs are 0.5 L Dimple Mugs only used by Mug Club Members.
• One FREE Mug of beer when you sign up (valid the day with purchase of membership).
• Your picture will be hung proudly with other Mug Club Members on our Mug Club Membership wall.
• Every Tuesday will be Mug Club Tuesday with all members receiving $1 off their first beer.
• Celebratory mug of beer of your choice on your birthday (or birthday week)
• Each quarter a Mug Club social will be held in the Prague Events Room. Mug Club members will be treated to a free bier of their choice as well as provided appetizers. The social will run from 6-8pm on the following dates:

1. Sunday, October 2 nd
2. Sunday, January 8 th
3. Sunday, April 2 nd
4. Sunday, July 9 th

Even More Perks:
• 10 visits – free beer.
• 15 visits – free beer.
• 30 visits – free 4 pack of cans.
• 50 visits – free 4 pack of cans + a can coolie.
• 75 visits – free 4 pack of cans.
• 100 visits you get a Special 100 visit mug.
• 125 visits – free t-shirt.

• Mug Club Members get a $5 discount on all kegs of beer and we waive the $30 deposit fee on the keg.
• Buy 10 growlers or 4 packs and get the next one free using our Mug Club 4 pack/Growler Loyalty Card.
• Mug Club members will be able to reserve the Prague Events Room without the required $80 deposit fee.
• We sign you up for our newsletter so you know what’s happening.

Rules/ Terms of the Mug Club:
• Club Membership and benefits are not transferable.
• Mug Club Membership runs from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017
• Existing members have the opinion to renew starting July 1, 2016 and retain their existing Mug Club Membership number.
• New member enrollment starts August 1, 2016.
• Memberships purchased on or after August 1st still hold the July 31st expiration date.
• Mugs are property of Lazy Monk Brewing LLC.
• At the end of the membership Mugs do not go home with members but will stay in the Bier Hall.
• Lazy Monk Brewing LLC reserves the right to revoke a club membership, without refund, due to refusal to observe Bier Hall policies.
• Lazy Monk Brewing LLC reserves the right to change terms and benefits of the Mug Club at any time.
• Members will be notified by email of any such changes in terms or benefits.


Prost~~Cheers~~Na Zdravie